LiamStLiam (liamstliam) wrote in greatbigsea,

Saturday night, Sept. 18, at Irish Fest in Ballston Spa, NY

This one was dead-solid perfect. Everything came together.

They were the last performers in a big tent at the end of a two-day Irish Festival.

Great crowd, many liquored up, and they made a lot of converts.

It was not hard to get within 8-10 people of the stage.

I have seen them about a dozen times, and this was the best show I have seen, especially because fo the energy from them.

They tailored the set to the crowd

Ordinary Day

Chemical Workers' Song

Paddy Murphy

When I'm Up

Jack HInks

Gen. Taylor (lots of crowd participation)

Charlie Horse (have not heard that in a while)

Nothing But a Song

Good People (the only two songs from the new album)

When I'm King. (crowd loved it)

I'm a Rover

Ferryland Sealer

Medley (I Fought The Law, Molly Malone, Video Killed the Radio Star, Smalltown Boy, Bohemian Rhapsody)

Run, Run Away

Helmethead (Both Bob and the Crowd were so on!) 

Consquence Free

Mari Mac


Straight To Hell (great crowd response)

Excursion Across the Bay

Tishaluk Set.


They did Scolding Wife, but I do not remember where it was.


It was just amazing. I was in a red-and-white striped long-sleeve rugby shirt, Stage Bob.

New merchandise we had not seen at Suicide Six.

Sean's voice, which was not all that good at Suicide Six last month. was amazing. He was really showing off.

 Sean's hair is still short, but Mr. Doyle is looking a lot like Mr. Crowe these days.



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