dark side of a drop of rain (believeitup) wrote in greatbigsea,
dark side of a drop of rain

Rise and rise again

The Yahoo! exclusive trailer for Ridley Scott's Robin Hood, found HERE (not sure how to embed), features Alan Doyle! Worth noting as the more sweeping and cinematic Apple trailer does not.

About 54 seconds in. It's not much, but if you're listening and watching closely, you can't miss him ;)
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Eep! It's Beard Man!!
I was calling it the Face Weasel. So glad it's gone now, but it suits him here!
Face Weasel -- love it!!
OMGOMGOMGOMG!!! *squeals like a 12-year-old*

I am wildly excited about this movie!

*ridiculously undignified chairdance*

Also: I have vast love for your icon. <3
Hee, I KNOW, right there with you. I may seek midnight showings, not gonna lie.

And thank you! Yours rocks as well :D
Oh BOOYA. I am grinning the grin of massive fangirl glee. <3 Thanks for the link!
Wow. That looks... nothing like him. 0_o

I think it's because the luffly hair is pulled back out of his face.

Anyway... having seen the trailer, I now know that he's in this press picture, too:

I now need to turn that photo into an icon...