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Great Big Sea fan's Journal
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Thursday, August 7th, 2014
7:16 am
Karaoke files of Great Big Sea songs
There are currently only two Great big Sea songs in karaoke : Ordinary day, and Nothing but a song, which was part of an official karaoke contest from GBS.

Well not anymore.

Some very talented people from Rimouski, Quebec just completed (at my request) a sensational rendition of WALK ON THE MOON. You'll be able to buy it in a couple of days (they do pay the artists via SODRAC) at their karaoke store at this address : http://www.ti-diable-cdg.com.

Spread the word.

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013
4:43 pm
Tonight's show?

My wife isn't feeling well. I have an extra ticket to tonight's show at 8:00 PM at the Warner Theatre in Washington DC. Asking $40 (I don't remember what TicketBastard fees were so I'll just eat those, the tickets themselves were $39.50). Upper Balcony, seats NN 101-102.

Sorry for the last-minute notice and the fact that it's a "school night," but does anyone local want to go? I am willing to drive if you live in (most parts of) Maryland or DC.

I need to leave my house by 6PM (an hour and a half from now) to get there on time.

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Friday, November 30th, 2012
9:58 am
I recently got "XX" as a birthday gift, and naturally its discs have been
in various CD players of mine nonstop ever since.

I'm wondering if anyone has a link to (or can post) the lyrics to "Le Bon

My French is absolutely horrid, largely because I never use it.
Also, Canadian French always throws me for a loop because it's slightly
different than the French I learned back in high school.

I'd like to (a) sing along, and (b) attempt a translation.

Thanks, guys!
Wednesday, June 6th, 2012
7:56 am
Alan's Boy on the Bridge Tour
Hey, has anyone seen Alan on his solo tour? We went last night to see him at the Birchmere in Alexandria (just outside DC). We enjoyed the show a lot, although I was hoping he'd play a few more Great Big Sea songs, I think he played 3 or 4 with the band and then he did two during a "Twitter request" session. The concert was full money's worth.  Alan was on for just under two hours.

We bought his CD last night because he was signing them after the show, so we also got a picture with him which was pretty cool.
Wednesday, January 19th, 2011
10:49 pm
So...who saw Republic of Doyle tonight?
And if you did, did you recognize anyone familiar among the inmate population in tonight's episode?

Current Mood: amused
Saturday, November 27th, 2010
10:10 am
Ottawa folks should check out this library event: http://www.apt613.ca/2010/11/27/great-big-seas-bob-hallett-at-the-opl/
(I found out because they used my photo, woot)
Sunday, September 19th, 2010
10:17 pm
Saturday night, Sept. 18, at Irish Fest in Ballston Spa, NY

This one was dead-solid perfect. Everything came together.

They were the last performers in a big tent at the end of a two-day Irish Festival.

Great crowd, many liquored up, and they made a lot of converts.

It was not hard to get within 8-10 people of the stage.

I have seen them about a dozen times, and this was the best show I have seen, especially because fo the energy from them.

They tailored the set to the crowd

Ordinary Day

Chemical Workers' Song

Paddy Murphy

When I'm Up

Jack HInks

Gen. Taylor (lots of crowd participation)

Charlie Horse (have not heard that in a while)

Nothing But a Song

Good People (the only two songs from the new album)

When I'm King. (crowd loved it)

I'm a Rover

Ferryland Sealer

Medley (I Fought The Law, Molly Malone, Video Killed the Radio Star, Smalltown Boy, Bohemian Rhapsody)

Run, Run Away

Helmethead (Both Bob and the Crowd were so on!) 

Consquence Free

Mari Mac


Straight To Hell (great crowd response)

Excursion Across the Bay

Tishaluk Set.


They did Scolding Wife, but I do not remember where it was.


It was just amazing. I was in a red-and-white striped long-sleeve rugby shirt, Stage Bob.

New merchandise we had not seen at Suicide Six.

Sean's voice, which was not all that good at Suicide Six last month. was amazing. He was really showing off.

 Sean's hair is still short, but Mr. Doyle is looking a lot like Mr. Crowe these days.



Sunday, August 1st, 2010
10:06 am
Weekend of Great Big AWESOME
For interested parties, I have a full report of the GBS show at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle right over here! One pic of Alan included, and I have another shot of the whole band here.

Great fun overall and my friend sksouth even snagged me one of Alan's guitar picks! :D
Thursday, July 15th, 2010
9:29 pm
Safe Upon the Shore- Reviews!
I can't believe no one's posted about the new album yet! I bought it yesterday and I've been listening to it ever since!

The release happens to coincide perfectly with my visit to Canada. (Not Newfoundland, unfortunately, however fun that would be) What a way to get in the spirit!:P

The official Safe Upon the Shore page is here.

And here's a new Toronto Sun interview with the boys. Alan talks about New Orleans, Russell Crowe, and copious alcohol consumption. It's pretty awesome.

I really really really like this album. I really have no clue about music theory, so I can't go into technical evaluation or critique (I'll leave that someone else), but I definitely love the stylistic variety they've brought to it. They recorded at many different locations, and you can definitely hear the differences in influence and tone. There's a lot of mood whiplash, most notably between the songs "Hit the Ground and Run" and the titular "Safe Upon the Shore." But then again, isn't making us laugh then breaking our hearts what our boys are all about?

*Warning* Spoilers follow:

Over the hills we march today. The Queen has called, so we obey...Collapse )

Have you gotten the album yet? What do you think? What are your favorite songs?

Talk about it all here!
Thursday, March 11th, 2010
8:04 pm
Rise and rise again
The Yahoo! exclusive trailer for Ridley Scott's Robin Hood, found HERE (not sure how to embed), features Alan Doyle! Worth noting as the more sweeping and cinematic Apple trailer does not.

About 54 seconds in. It's not much, but if you're listening and watching closely, you can't miss him ;)
Saturday, February 20th, 2010
9:50 pm
Oh Yeah (AKA Republic of Doyle Theme Music)
Seeing as "Oh, Yeah" is courtesy of Great Big Sea, I was wondering: any word on if/when the tune might be released as a single?

Current Mood: curious
Saturday, February 13th, 2010
2:17 pm
Telegraph article
Not sure if solo references are welcome, but I'll take my chances :)

From greatbigsean: excellent article on "Lullabies" from Ashley Fitzpatrick of The (St. John's) Telegram:


For the linkphobic: Shanty Man McCann.Collapse )
Wednesday, February 10th, 2010
11:31 am
http://greatbigsean.com/site/ - Sean twittered about his new web site.
Friday, January 29th, 2010
10:40 am
Monday, January 11th, 2010
8:54 pm
A Quick mod post...
Due to recent spam in this community, I've switched to moderated posting. I've done this so that the membership stays open and no one has to see the spam.
Thursday, October 22nd, 2009
1:53 pm
My Life According to Great Big Sea
This is a meme that's been circling lately. The idea is using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions, and try not to repeat a song title. Naturally I chose GBS to answer mine:

Are you a male or female:
I'se the B'y

Describe yourself:
I'm a Rover

How do you feel:
Consequence Free

Describe where you currently live:
Something to It

If you could go anywhere, where would you go:
Boston & St. John's

Your favourite form of transportation:

Your best friend is:
Captain Kidd

You and your best friends are:
Stumbling In

What's the weather like:
Ordinary Day

Favourite time of day:

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called:
The Night Pat Murphy Died

What is life to you:
Everything Shines

So I ask all you fellow fans: What is your life according to Great Big Sea? :)

Current Mood: cheerful
Tuesday, September 8th, 2009
10:54 pm
I just got an email saying Presale Tickets for Calgary are going up tomorrow,
Now I know last time GBS came to Calgary they sold out in 15 minutes and I missed out on tix,
But I've never bought Presale tix before, so...
Are they worth it? Are they more expensive? do you get better seats?
Saturday, September 5th, 2009
11:58 am
The boys are in Buffalo tonight! Who's going?!
Friday, August 7th, 2009
7:33 pm
2 Great Big Sea Tickets - Filene Center - Vienna, VA - August 21, 2009
I can't go. :(

Could anyone use the tickets? Optimistically paying me something for them....

Current Mood: sad
Saturday, July 11th, 2009
2:03 am
GBS w/ Carbon Leaf?
Hey there, GBS'ers.

So, I was first introduced to a live GBS show waaay back in '02 or '03? When Carbon Leaf opened for them... It was also the point where I became a huge CL fan, as well (as I know many of you are... ).

Since then, I thought it would be impossible to ever see my two favorite bands, together, ever again.... and yet, I see that they're playing together at Wolftrap in VA in August.... But as far as I can tell, nowhere else.

Does anyone know if this is a fluke sort of one-time engagement, or are they playing together anywhere else? I'd love to go, but unfortunately, Vermont is NOWHERE near Virginia. :-P

Current Mood: curious
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